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Integrated Multi-layer Optimization in broadband DVB-S.2 SAtellite Networks

Download the IMOSAN Concept video and IMOSAN Summary Poster

IMOSAN is an EU funded IST project which proposes an integrated management solution that allows optimum usage of the satellite spectrum, which spans across three layers: physical, network and service. This multi-layer optimization will be based on the capabilities of DVB-S.2 standard and will be performed in an integrated and coherent way for all layers, using a Satellite Resource Management System (SRMS). Adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) features of DVB-S.2 standard will be exploited, to provide optimization in time varying operating environments. An actual DVB-S.2 satellite network will be developed, to demonstrate and validate the capabilities of the multi-layer management solution. This will be achieved through the provision of digital TV programs, interactive services and telephone connections (triple play services), to end users, under real conditions. The return channel will be based on DVB-RCS technology and a DVB-S.2/DVB-RCS gateway will be incorporated, upgraded with SRMS and tested. The performance of the network will be evaluated through the provision of triple play services, as well as through a tele-learning application.