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Media Networking for Border Surveillance: MNL participating in FP7/SEC PERSEUS

Media Networks Laboratory is participating in the ambitious FP7/SEC PERSEUS Project, with a total budget of Eur 42.2M, aiming at intelligent maritime border surveiilance. MNLab will design and implement the communication networks needed to interchange video/image/voice/data traffic among the heterogeneous surveillance system involved in the demonstration platform. The project will start on Jan 1, 2011.

Project Description: PERSEUS project proposes a large scale demonstration of a European Maritime surveillance system of systems, integrating the existing operational maritime surveillance systems (the French SPATIONAV, the Spanish SIVE, the Italian NCC and the Greek assets) and enhancing them with innovative capabilities to directly address key challenges,Transnational exchange of useful and available information, and associated procedures and mechanisms, Detection of non collaborative/suspicious small embarkations and low flying aircrafts, Enhancement of detection of abnormal vessel behaviours, identification of threats and tracking of reporting and non-reporting vessels.
Generation of a common situational picture with appended information
Integration in the network created by NCCs, FRONTEX and EMSA with the relevant pull/push mechanisms, increased automation and elaboration of syntheses.