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MediaNet Lab in the first open-call experiments of SoftFIRE project

The proposal of the MediaNet Lab in the first open-call of the SoftFIRE project has been accepted and therefore MediaNet Lab will participate in the first experiments of the SoftFIRE project. SoftFIRE aims at creating an ecosystem of organizations around the technological field of NFV/SDN and and its evolution towards 5G developments. In order to achieve this […]


In the framework of the EC-funded research project VITAL, MediaNet lab presented at EC premises during the second review meeting, the v2.0 of the VITAL NFV Manager: A lightweight NFV Orchestrator, capable of composing, deploying, instantiating and managing a Virtual Satellite Network (i.e. a Network Service which includes beyond the terrestrial VNFs, also virtualised Satellite […]

Opendaylight (Helium) – Openstack (Juno) integration for NFVI implementation

In the frame of the EU funded ICT T-NOVA Project, Medianetlab will host one of the project’s pilot sites. The project has presented an initial reference demonstrator architecture based on the integration of Openstack and Opendaylight constituting the Virtualised Infrastructure Manager for the Network Function VIrtualisation Infrastructure (NFVI. The first take on T-NOVA high-level architecture […]

Next Generation Technology Independent Interoperability of Emergency Services (GERYON)

Media Networks Laboratory is participating in the FP7/SEC GERYON Project, which has started on December 2011. GERYON will provide an unified answer to the problems that system integrators must face when interconnecting different emergency networks by bringing together and deploying in a specialised manner the common technical and operational logic regarding Identity Management, Security, Signalling, […]

Novel IPTV functionalities over IMS

New functionalities in IPTV over IMS architecture were developed, which optimize satisfaction of the end-user and resource utilization of the operator’s networks. Read more in the paper entitled “Adaptive IPTV services based on a novel IP Multimedia Subsystem“, accepted for publication at Int. J. of Multimedia Tools and Application, Springer.