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Project SONATA announces the 3.0 release

SONATA announces the launch of an upgraded release of its integrated service platform, SONATA 3.0, which includes all the software components developed, integrated, tested and qualified within the time frame of the project.

Read our press release here

MediaNet Lab in the first open-call experiments of SoftFIRE project

The proposal of the MediaNet Lab in the first open-call of the SoftFIRE project has been accepted and therefore MediaNet Lab will participate in the first experiments of the SoftFIRE project. SoftFIRE aims at creating an ecosystem of organizations around the technological field of NFV/SDN and and its evolution towards 5G developments. In order to achieve this goal, SoftFIRE plans to aggregate as many as possible organizations and people around an enabling platform. The SoftFIRE platform consists in a federated testbed that comprises very different experimental frameworks and is available for experimenting new services, applications and functional extensions of the platform.

The aim of the MedialNet lab experiments is the development and validation of the necessary extensions to the current SoftFIRE federated testbed, in order to enhance it with the capability to execute experiments involving satellite communication systems.

More details will follow in due time, once the design of the experiment and the expected results have been fully defined.