W3C “Web and TV” Interest Group launched

MNL participated in the Second W3C Web and TV Workshop, held in Berlin, February 8-9, 2011 and is now a full member of the newly launched “Web and TV” Interest Group of the W3C.
The Web and TV Interest Group’s scope of work covers audio-visual content, e.g., broadcasting programs and Web pages, and related services delivered by satellite and terrestrial broadcasting, or via cable services, as well as delivery through IP.

The tasks the Interest Group will undertake include:

  • Identification of requirements for the Web to function effectively with TV services on TV devices and TV-like devices;
    Note “TV services” here means all (1) existing broadcast TV services, (2) emerging IP-ready TP services and (3) possible future interactive TV-based services.
  • Identification of requirements for smarter integration of TV services (via broadcasting or quasi-broadcasting based on telecom technology) and Web services on various devices;
  • Clarification about the conceptual relationship between Web and TV, especially the architectural relationship between Web services and TV services;
  • Review and discussion of deliverables under development by other W3C groups that touch on the use of the Web and TV;
  • Exploration of barriers to Web and TV services working on TV devices and TV-like devices, and potential solutions;
  • Exchanging information about Web and TV activities around the world.

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