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Egaleo 5G

The road to 5G! First live 5G trial of the 5G ESSENCE project at the Egaleo Football stadium, many thanks to Dimitris Tzempelikos for organizing the event, and Ακαδημία Ποδοσφαίρου Α.Ο. Θεμιστοκλής for being the first 5G team! Video Photos

Prometheus 101

Take the “red pill” and let’s dive into monitoring basics with Prometheus. Post structure: KEEP IT SIMPLE COUNTERS rate() vs irate() CPU usage Setup Keep It Simple source: https://www.robustperception.io/keep-it-simple-scrape_interval-id spoiler: Keep things simple. Pick one scrape interval, and stick with it. Preferably not just per Prometheus, but across your team/organisation. A value in the range […]

MNLAB Meetup – Kubernetes

What did we talk about? This week, the subject of our MNLAB meetup was Kubernetes! Well…, not only Kubernetes but also a few other topics which are included in the following presentation title. We started with a short history of how things evolved from the bare-metal age, to what we call today serverless. Then we […]

OpenStack Juno – OpenDaylight Helium SR2 integration over Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) using GRE Tunnels

This guide describes in detail the steps needed for integrating OpenStack Juno with Neutron ML2 networking plugin with OpenDaylight Helium SR2 using GRE Tunnels. Be careful to replace <SOMETHING HERE> with the appropriate values. Also it is important to know that one OpenDaylight manages only one OpenStack deployment. The guide consists of 9 sections. Prerequisites Erase all instances, […]