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In the framework of the EC-funded research project VITAL, MediaNet lab presented at EC premises during the second review meeting, the v2.0 of the VITAL NFV Manager: A lightweight NFV Orchestrator, capable of composing, deploying, instantiating and managing a Virtual Satellite Network (i.e. a Network Service which includes beyond the terrestrial VNFs, also virtualised Satellite Network Functions). The v2.0 of the NFV Manager has been upgraded with a graphical user interface, which provides resource monitoring per NFVI-PoP of the NFV infrastructure and per instantiated Network Service/Virtual Satellite Network.

The NFV Manager is compatible with the Openstack CCP and Opendaylight Platform, and the has been developed utilizing the Meteor Framework, Javascript and Python. For the needs of the satellite components the OpenSAND emulator platform has been integrated.

The following figures present some screenshots from the monitoring dashboard of the NFV Manager and the NS.VSN composition tool.

NFV Manager Dashboard


NS/VSN Composition by NFV Manager


A basic version of the NFV Manager is planned to be released as opensource.


Medianetlab entering SDN and NFV Era

Medianet Lab will lead and coordinate FP7 Integrated Project T-NOVA that was submitted in ICT Call 11 (FP7-ICT-2013-11) at Objective ICT-2013.1.1.: Future Networks.

T-NOVA project plans to exploit the emerging concept of Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV), migrating network functions originally performed by hardware elements to virtualised infrastructures, deployed as software components. T-NOVA allows operators not only to deploy virtualized Network Functions (NFs) for their own needs, but also to offer them to their customers, as value-added services. T-NOVA leverages and enhances cloud management architectures for the elastic provision and (re-) allocation of IT resources assigned to the hosting of Network Functions. It also exploits and extends Software Defined Networking (SDN) platforms for efficient management of the network infrastructure. Furthermore T-NOVA establishes a “NFV Marketplace”, in which network services and Functions by several developers can be published and brokered/traded. Via the Marketplace, customers can browse and select the services and virtual appliances which best match their needs, as well as negotiate the associated SLAs and be charged under various billing models. A novel business case for NFV is thus introduced and promoted.

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