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OVS – DPDK on Openstack Newton

In this tutorial we will show detailed instructions and debugging info, in order to deploy a DPDK enabled OVS on an Openstack Newton environment, on Ubuntu 16.04. First and foremost you must have a working Openstack Newton environment with OVS networking. Secondly you need to have a DPDK enabled OVS, built and running on your […]

SR-IOV in Openstack – Various Tips, Hacks and Setups

Single Root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) in networking is a very useful and strong feature for virtualized network deployements. SRIOV is a specification that allows a PCI device, for example a NIC or a Graphic Card, to share access to its resources among various PCI hardware functions: Physical Function (PF) (meaning the real physical device), from it […]